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Hello & Welcome to my 1st Blog Post ever!

It may interest you to know that the story of Crafty Dust began with paper... not with wood - as you or I might have expected. If you asked me a few years ago what my creative business could sell, the last thing I would have answered is 'wooden accessories'. Surprised? Me too! ;) For it was a process - not an idea - that lead me to specialize in what I happily make today. Here's the story...

One day, two and a half years ago, I was sitting making greeting cards just for fun when my brother saw me and suggested that they looked pretty enough to sell. Back then, I had just finished my maternity break  - which was a lot of work actually ;) - and was starting to find the time to craft again. I've always been a crafter of many things, and the prospect of selling my handcrafts seemed exciting; except that I hadn't tried it before.

So not truly believing it would result in anything, I sent a few emails to the well-known greeting card stores in Dubai. To my surprise, I received 2 phone calls almost at once; was called into a meeting the next day; and just like that - was emailed my first purchase order of mixed greeting cards by an international bookstore chain!


Call it beginner's luck, but Crafty Dust was born on October 24th, 2013, with this purchase order of 95 handmade cards.


Two weeks later, the bookstore was in touch to see if I could make some wooden words. In case you didn't know, before motherhood took over, I used to be a Sharjah-based Architect working in industrial manufacturing. So fairly quickly, I found a way to make them, and the bookstore's request came true.



And then they asked for some coasters. And a few days later, this was my design:



I remember at that stage, there was an explosion of things I wanted to make! Thoughts of going back to my previous career wasn't tempting. And after seeing that my crafted works had some value, I decided I had to follow my dream.

So I rode on a design-high making everything from handbags and hair clips... 


to salt dough magnets... 


and even knitted socks!


True story. From nothing I was suddenly making everything!

I remember it took about 6 months of experimenting and 1 year of participating in craft markets across Dubai to finally realize that it was wood I truly wanted to make my delightful creations with.



And when I consciously put my design skills and industrial know-how to wood, the result was authentic. So what started as some wooden words and a few coasters gradually evolved into a full range of desk and wall accessories.



Things evolved little by little as I set up my first online shop on Ideyna.com in February 2014.



And while I navigated my way online, my signature pencil coasters, alongside a number of craft articles I wrote, made it to the press.



A couple of years down the road, I now have a creative business specialized in wood. I design 2 collections a year, take custom orders, and own a brand new website that hosts my shop: www.craftydust.com



But ask me what I sell, and you still won't hear me say 'wooden accessories'. I believe today, I'm in the business of making and creating delight... It just so happens to come in a wooden form.




I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I'd love to read what you have to say. So feel free to share in the comments box below.


If you you don't follow me yet on Facebook or Instagram, you might want to! Special discount codes will be released only on those platforms next month!


Last but not least, if you haven't subscribed to my Newsletter, please take a second to do so. The 1st one will be issued this coming week, and in it will be the details of the upcoming SALE! Even non-wood items from Crafty Dust's early days, featured in this blog post, will be up for grabs!

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