I hope the time you spend visiting here delights you...

and that somewhere within these pages you'll stumble upon the ultimate creation you can't live without!



I'm Hana'a, and I am the founder and designer behind Crafty Dust.


I make artful gifts with a purpose... and I make them with wood.


 I transform images I find in nature into every day essentials.


And I use elements from my surrounding culture to spark fun... all while remaining functional!

  Everything I make holds a little surprise,


and my mission is to bring delight to the spaces we spend most of our time in.

With wood I bring warmth to the work desk, now almost completely invaded by electronics...


And with tradition I help indroduce gadgets that are new to certain places! 

 My hope as a designer is to be able to create things that carry meaning beyond their purpose.


Creations like these:   

Ideas that light your eyes as you imagine who you could gift them to...


Yourself included! 

Happiness comes with giving... 


having meaningful intentions and sharing positive energy. 


 And because people and their spaces differ,


almost everything in my shop is customizable in a variety of ways. 


Color, size, engraving... you name it! 


 All to ensure a unique and authentic gifting experience...

without compromising the environment - even with the packaging!



Everything you see in my shop is made using reclaimed wooden blocks left-over from large factory projects.

 They are beautiful woods saved from the dust, and transformed into hand-crafted Art fit for everyday use.

 Hence the name Crafty Dust.

I am based in Sharjah, and all my designs are made-to-order at local factories here in the UAE.