Custom Requests


If you are looking for something wooden & unique, inspired by the things you've seen at Crafty Dust, you're in the right place!

Almost everything in this shop may be modificatied in color, wood-type, size, or design.                                                                                                                

All you have to do is say which product and what changes you would like made to it.

Now if you want something completely new, the sky is the limit!

Of course it has to be wooden, and you must be clear on the design you want. It's also preferable that you upload an image of your idea. The approximate size and color are also required... And as long as your request is within furniture-size projects, all is possible!

To encorporate a logo, a drawing or special calligraphy (whether on a modified or new product design); a high res jpeg image of the logo design is required in order to copy it.

Once you place your request below, expect an answer within the next 48 hours. Usually, you will be contacted to fine tune the design requirements.

(If you live in the UAE, it may be easier if you leave your number).

You will then receive confirmation that your design can be made, along with its price, payment terms, and the time required to complete it.


If you approve, you will receive a sales order confirmation via email, asking for payment (as per the terms agreed upon).

Shop drawings then be created for your approval prior to fabrication.

Please understand that since your order is custom-made, it cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded.


So what are you waiting for? Share your idea below!



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