Terms & Conditions

All product designs visible on this website, along with their packaging, are the sole property of Crafty

Dust. They are protected under copyright laws and may not be copied or reproduced in any medium

without permission.

All products in this store are made-to-order. This means that they are made especially for you once you

order them. Please note that "Availability: In stock" - seen in every product listing - refers to the ability

of reproducing the product in question, and not it's immediate availability.

The fabrication process may take between 3 and 10 working days to be complete (before shipping), and

the exact time required is always mentioned in each product's listing, as this varies from product to

product. The 1st working day is considered the day following the payment date. In the UAE, working

days are Sunday to Thursday - ( Friday and Saturday are the weekend).

In the case that more than one product is bought, the time required to fabricate all the items of that

order will be the time span of the item with the longest time requirement. So all items of the same

order will be made in parallel.

Most products in this store may be customized. Sometimes the wood type may be chosen, at other

times the engraving, and in many cases the color. Please note that once chosen, these customizable

features cannot be changed.

All products are made of wood, and because wood is a natural material, slight variations in wood color

and wood grain are to be expected even for the same wood type. Each log is unique and has its own

particularities; and this is by no means a defect. Such minor variations add originality and character to

the design and ensure that your product will definitely be one of a kind. Please bear in mind however,

that if you order an oak product today, and then another oak product after one month, their grains and

colors may not match because they will most probably come from different logs. So if you would like a

matching desk set or several products, it would be best to purchase them in the same order to ensure

that they are made from the same wood source.

Needless to say, there is always great care taken in avoiding major wood knots and obvious

particularities when making any wood item.